How to bypass Windows password without resetting or changing the current password?


You are reading this webpage because you appear to have forgotten your Windows login password. You’ve tried every possible password you can think of, but none of them appear to be correct.Believe us when we say that we have experienced this vexing sensation. It’s logical that people want to bypass Windows password because they have lost or forgotten it. In this article we will show...

Lost your Mac’s Password? Try this solution!


So you have lost your mac password? or perhaps you are locked out of your Mac? Don’t panic! In this article we provide 3 solutions to forgotten Mac password problems. Table of contentsTRY APPLE ID TO CHANGE MAC PASSWORDUSE ANOTHER ADMIN ACCOUNT USE KON-BOOT TO BYPASS MAC PASSWORD (EASIEST WAY) TRY APPLE ID TO CHANGE MAC PASSWORD If you have linked your Apple ID to your user account on your...